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Large Barnyard Animals Weathervane 655

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Our barnyard weathervane normally will ship is 14-17 business days, but because we make our barnyard weathervanes to order, this timeline can change throughout the season. So please have patience, we do our best, always!
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Large Barnyard Animals Weathervane - Made in USA

Our large barnyard animals weathervane purchase includes the figure, copper spacer balls, the directionals, rod and ring. The cow, pig and rooster weathervane figure is made in the USA from 16 ounce copper, each piece is hammered and bent to form a unique piece of masterful copper large barnyard weathervane art that will last for years to come.

Barnyard Weathervane Approximate figure dimensions: 52"L X 51"H 
Add approx. 10" to dimension height for directionals and spacer balls
Directional Dimensions: 23"L  
Barnyard Weathervane Options: natural or patina copper // standard directionals

Please note: cupolas and weathervane mounts are sold separate.
Our barnyard weathervanes fit all mounts and cupolas offered on our site.

This barnyard weathervane comes ready to fit any of our cupolas we sell. To mount the barnyard weathervane into one of our cupolas all you have to do it put the solid ¾”weathervane rod down through the top of the cupola and through an internal crossmember inside the roof of the cupola. Use a little caulking around the hole to seal the rod and cupola together.

Our larger cupolas have a clamp under the crossmember so that it can lock the rod in place under the cross member. If you are not using a cupola with our barnyard weathervane then please check out our many types of brackets, stands and mounts on our mounts page. If an extended rod is needed to add more height or depth, please use a red thread locker such as Loctite or other brand.


Special Notes:
Barnyard Weathervane Figure - Made in the USA.

For Patina Copper -- Patina acid is applied via spray to accelerate the aging process. Applied patina will vary on each barnyard weathervane.

Our large barnyard weathervane is made here in Eddington Maine by hand hammering it into a form using 16oz copper/ 24 gauge. The barnyard weathervane is real copper and will turn brown, black and then a green patina over time. If you choose to keep the barnyard weathervane shinny, you can always apply a clear coat of exterior poly urethane over the barnyard weathervane figure and weathervane parts to keep it from changing. Our main Weathervane Retail Shop is located in Trenton Maine on route 3 headed towards Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Made in the USA.




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Large Barnyard Weathervane - Made by The Weathervane Factory. We offer a 12 month warranty on everything sold in our store. We manufacture all of our barnyard weathervanes here in Maine and are proud to say our products meet the highest quality standards. Each piece is handmade and can have small imperfections which are part of the charm of having a one of the kind barnyard weathervane made just for you. Our warranty covers 12 months for any and all manufactures defects to your Weathervane Factory, barnyard weathervane, parts, cupolas, other items sold in our store. Not covered, tarnishing of copper, other acts of mother nature such as flying tree limbs, hurricanes, tornados, hail damages, any other acts of mother nature not addressed. Really – if you have an issue, we will do our best to help you resolve the issue, even it is past the warranty date, give us a call – we are a family business and pride ourselves in being user friendly. We will do our best to help any issues that may arise.