Copper Ball 936M

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Single Copper Weathervane Spacer Ball


Choose a single copper ball by size:

The 2" Copper balls has a 3/4" opening in one side and the other side has a 1/2 opening so that it will stay at the top of the 3/4" rod

The other size copper balls all have 3/4" openings on either side.

Order by either patina or natural copper.

Copper ball : Size options 2", 4", 5" and 6" 

These are machine stamped copper weathervane spacer balls.






We offer a 12 month warranty on everything sold in our store. Our warranty covers 12 months for any and all manufactures defects to your Weathervane Factory weathervane, weathervane parts, cupolas, other items sold in our store. Not covered, tarnishing of copper, other acts of mother nature such as flying tree limbs, hurricanes, tornados, hail damages, any other acts of mother nature not addressed, also we do not cover rusting of steel products, or browning over time of stainless steel products or peeling of painted items. Really – if you have an issue, we will do our best to help you resolve the issue, even it is past the warranty date, give us a call – we are a family business and pride ourselves in being user friendly. We will do our best to help any issues that may arise.