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Amish Made Cupolas - Made in USA


We have a great line of Amish Cupolas which are all Made here in the USA. Each of our cupolas are made to order so, please have a little patience when ordering. Our cupolas are made from four difference materials, color PVC which is our evolve lumber, Palight PVC and AZEK PVC we can also do some of our cupolas in the Red Cedar for those folks getting back to real wood in their cupola needs. All of our cupolas are set up to take our weathervanes with a ¾” hole drilled into the top of the cupola and a bracing support system built inside the roof of our cupolas. Our cupolas are paintable when needed by checking with the local paint shop and letting them know that you plan on painting either the PVC or the Red Cedar. The correct paint on our cupola will make the cupola look great. Our white and color cupolas do not require paint.

Cupola sizing is always fun, the number one rule used by architects is 1 ½” of cupola for each foot of unbroken roofline. Just think of a hot air balloon, the high it goes into the air the smaller it is going to look. This holds true with cupolas. They will look huge on the ground but the tend to look a lot smaller when they get up on the roofline.

Two stories add an extra size large cupola.

Example: A 24’foot garage roofline will look good with a 30” cupola.

Example: B 12’ foot garage roofline will look good with a 18” Cupola.

Example C: 100’ foot barn roofline we will have to look at multiple cupolas. So in this fun scenario we can put a 48” cupola in the middle and a 36” cupola spaced out on either side of the larger cupola. These looks really come into what the customer is thinking about designing with all their cupola needs.

Our cupolas sizes range from the 16” Shed cupola all the way up to a large 72” Barn Cupolas.

Shed size Cupolas are 16” – 26” size

Garage size Cupolas are 18” – 36” size

Barn Size Cupolas are 36” -72” size

Really, when sizing a cupola please remember that larger is always better but the main thing to remember is as long as you are happy with your cupola selection that is all that matters. If you have time, you can always do a cardboard mock up using duct tape and cardboard to make a nice sized fake cupola so you can get a good view on what size cupola you are thinking about installing on the roof.