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Gulfport Cupola

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This is an Amish Made Cupola from AZEK PVC with 24 Gauge Black Aluminum Roofing and is 100% Weathervane Ready for our Weathervanes.

This cupola is available in maintenance-free vinyl and is weathervane ready with a 3/4 inch rod opening. Designed for up to a 8/12 pitch. Cupola roof is covered with black aluminum sheeting.

Available sizes - 18", 22", 26", 29", 32", 36" // Roof used for measurement

18" Cupola Dimensions - 18" Roof - 25" High

22" Cupola Dimensions - 22" Roof - 28" High

26" Cupola Dimensions - 26" Roof - 32" High

29" Cupola Dimensions - 29" Roof - 35" High

32" Cupola Dimensions - 32" Roof - 41" High

36" Cupola Dimensions - 36" Roof - 45" High


Availability: Cupolas up to 26" generally ships 4-7 days // Larger cupolas to 36" can take up to 2 weeks to make and ship, all cupolas are made to order.

Weathervanes sold separately.


  • Cupola Base Extensions are for 10/12 and 12/12 pitched roof lines.
  • The cupola comes weathervane ready with a 3/4" opening. Roof mounts are not needed if using a cupola.
  • Customers can request the weathervane opening be capped. For using the cupola without a weathervane.
  • The louver cupolas can be used for venting, be sure and have your carpenter flash around base to keep the water and moisture out. Window cupolas are not used for venting.
  • If not used for venting, the cupola can go right over the shingles.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to cut the roof pitch into the cupola base to ensure proper fit.
  • The PVC Cupola is made from