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Weathervanes - Made in USA

Extreme Weathervane Selection of over 500 Handmade to Order heavy duty Copper Weathervanes made by The Weathervane Factory located in Eddington Maine. Each of our Copper Weathervanes are made from 24 Gauge Copper and are ready to take the winds of America, or as it seems lately a lot of Australian heavy winds too. We take pride in having such a diverse selection of copper weathervanes from the amazing Jackalope to the howling wolves of the plains. Need some New York time, then our Happy Sad Theatre Mask is sure to please if you like the Broadway Scene. So looking for that special cat weathervane or the witch riding a broom – we have them. Our large Eagle Weathervane Selection is amazing so shop American – Shop The Weathervane Factory, shop today. Also for fun, we do have a lobster weathervane since we are in Maine.