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Rooster Weathervanes

Rooster Weathervane - Made in USA

Searching for that perfect rooster or chicken weathervane to top one of our amazing rooftop cupolas. Well we have a large selection of great rooster weathervanes. We make walking roosters, crowing and standing, we make roosters that have a beer mug or a rooster with horns. We do the rooster weathervane even in a top hat with cane. We do small roosters, big roosters and lots of garage size rooster weathervanes. Need a pig and want a rooster weathervane – no concerns, we make a rooster standing on a pig weathervane and even standing on a cow too if you have the want and need. So, if you are looking for chickens and roosters or even just a nice hen and chicks weathervane, we can make it. So, enjoy our massive selection of rooster and chicken weathervanes made right here in our Weathervane Factory in located in Maine.